Tips for Affiliate Marketing Success

Marketing Tips and Free Resources for the Affiliate Program

How To Be an Affiliate

This page contains information on successfully marketing products from Hit Pictures and that are part of the Zazzle platform. However, the information contained within this page can easily be adapted to other product lines or affiliate marketing programs.

How the Program Works

Promote product lines, collections or individual products through trackable links and marketers can earn 15% per referred sale.
For example:
Link to main collection:
Link to main collection with an Associate ID:
Be sure to add "?rf=" before your ID (unless the URL already contains "?", then add "&rf=" instead). Also make sure to include "http://" with all links or they may not work as expected.

Should you have any questions, issues or concerns regarding the affiliate marketing program, they should be directed to Zazzle directly Here. They manage and operate the program and handle payments.