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Mini-flyers for your events and promotions

Why Flyer Hype?

FlyerHype.com designs quality business card-sized promotional flyers great for announcements, handouts, coupons, club & party marketing, real estate open houses, receipt takeaways and much more. FlyerHype.com can improve the professionalism & buy-in of your marketing & promotions.

FlyerHype.com products are perfect for:

  • Artists & Photographers

    Creativity is the trademark of any visual art and photographer. Flyer Hype cards can assist you in realizing success with your next professional exhibit, gallery sale or opening. At your shows, leave a stack of Flyer Hype cards to encourage website traffic and even more sales, perhaps a client that missed purchasing an original, can buy limited edition print or giclee. Gallery owners have even more options. As customers attend your latest opening, hand them a Flyer Hype card announcing a future exhibit or offering a website discount on prints.
  • Band Gigs

    Whether its before, during or after your band's next gig, Flyer Hype cards are a great way to encourage website traffic, social media connections, CD & download sales, merch buys or (hopefully they liked the sound) attending future shows or concerts.
  • Club Marketing

    Club cards are a classic method of getting the word out about upcoming guest band or DJ appearances. They've replaced the days of posters at construction sites for their affordability, small space requirements and reduced risk of incarceration. Partner with other local businesses and setup a card exchange program with small, unobtrusive card holders.
  • Conventions and Comic Cons

    If you rent space at conventions you already know the importance of high impact flyers. Flyer Hype cards are small but make huge impacts on anyone visiting your table to learn more about your product, service, art, photography or comic book work. Try one of our loyalty cards and see the difference offering a returning discount makes for your business.
  • Coupons

    Why just offer a plain ole' coupon when you can spice things up with a full color, impactful Flyer Hype card. For best results, make Flyer Hype cards a regular part of your marketing program. You'll see the power of returning customers right away.
  • Exhibit Openings

    High quality art, photography and sculpture deserves high quality promotional materials. It's amazing the increased retention your studio or gallery will see using a Flyer Hype card design.
  • Film Screenings

    If you're a film fanatic like we are, then you have been to the revival movie screenings where the hosts or sponsors attempt to encourage attendees to revisit with this ugly black and white flyers printed on colored xerox paper. Most of them end up in the trash can, leaving great cinema to screen to half-empty theaters or worse. For about the same price you pay for those unreadable flyers, cinema societies, non-profit groups, theater owners and movie fans can promote local film screenings and film festivals with Flyer Hype card packs.
  • Local Business Card Exchanges

    Partner with other local businesses and setup a card exchange program with small, unobtrusive card holders in each business. This can be a great way to steer customer traffic inexpensively. Click Here for a number of Amazon holder options.
  • Loyalty Cards

    Loyalty cards are the quickest way for small and local businesses to increase traffic in their storefronts and encourage customers to try new types of products and services. Select from our high quality pre-designed loyalty cards and increase retention & loyalty card usage.
  • Real Estate Open Houses

    Real estate agents can place Flyer Hype cards on local homes near their upcoming open houses and do it more professionally than handwriting on a pre-printed notecard.
  • Lounge, Cafe & Restaurant Specials

    Eateries, you have a great potential customer right inside your establishment - your existing customer base. Staple a Flyer Hype card to their receipt or simply hand one to them while they sit at the bar to let them know about current and upcoming specials. A favorite idea is to offer a discount on their next visit. You'd never imagine the percentage of repeat business you'll get.
  • Trade Show Handouts

    Trade shows are the most common way that companies of all types introduce new product lines, engage potential buyers, offer show specials, and capture new business. Flyer Hype cards fulfill all of these needs and much more.